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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 13, 2010 11:00am-1:00pm EDT

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just happy and healthy as well, and my mindset stays -- you know, i know what to do and, and i know whether i'm done playg tennis, i have now family. >> talk about pressure. she says she sometimes hears h daughter jada calling her during a match. can you imagine that? unlike fish oil, she says there are mes that megared softgels are small and easy to swallow you need to stay quiet when with no fishy smell or aftertaste. watching tennis. try megared today. she's 2 1/2. >> mychildren call and say, dad, can you send me more money. >> she's married to brian leetch, double specialists from his playing days, and she is actually better than before she had her daughter. well, pack your bags for china. she's a better player now. >> i bet jada will be a great tennis player, too. pauline chu, the help wanted >> i would imagine so. hello, live from studio 7 at signs are out. >> how do you say it? >> reporter: roxanna considers cnnorld headquarters, the big herself luck toy have this job stories today, the struggle to find a job after doing time. local governments looking for as an english tutor. even with a degree in marketing,
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ways to move ex-cons from the the aican could not find a prison system to the payroll. job for an entire yea and >> chronic joblessness is a finally told her mother she was going to take a bold step. direct cause for the growth of the illegal or informal economy >> i think i am going to go to and with that is a culture of china. she's like, are you crazy? you're going to go to china? gunshot wounds. >> if you are out of a job, i was like, yeah, china. that's where i going to go. consider heading east, the far >> very good job. east. hong kong has the help wanted >> reporter: roxanna sengsed the sign out. the new documentary waiting opportunities were in asia. last year she applied online for for "super man" the filmmaker hoping to inspire americans to teaching jobs in china and got three offers. look at the way we teach our her pull towards asia is not unusual these days. kids. >> if we don't fix our public hayes recruitment firm says its schools for everybody, we're in trouble. asia firm handled a 30% increase >> good morning, everyone, i'm tony harris. in job applicants over the past those stories and your comments six months. right here right now in the cnn newsroom. from the eekers are u.s., uk and australia. >> feelings from trafrom austra. is a tax issue that will affect your finances. pay attention, everyone. this is serious stuff here. i wanted to kickstart my career. lawmakers returning to washington today face a debate >> reporter: bank, hiring again and casting a wide net for top over extending the bush tax cuts talent, but are the salaries the set to expire at the end of the same?
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year. >> good question. president obacama wants to keep them in place only for those we've certainly seen at least making less than $250,000 a year. 15% increase on base salaries. the top house republican wants to extend them for everybody but >> reporter: while the bulk of the jobs here i hong kong are he says he's willing to go along in ,banking, finance and law, o the mainland, a lot of sectors with the administration. >> if that's thenly option i are hiring. ve is to vote for some of china needs industrial engineers those tax reductions, i'll vote and hushen planners and for them, but i've beenpo makin the point now r months that we architects for stimulus need to extend all of the projects. on the mainland, reported current rates for all americans. upswing?in overseas chinese returning for if we want to get our economy jobs. also noticed an interesting going again. >> porolitics aside for a momen. ike in demand f math and science teachers at ternational schools on the let's look at the economic mainland. impact of extending the bush tax perhaps as a result of more cunts. that was a topic on your money xpats moving to cities like with our chief business beijing and shanghai. correspondent ali velshi. some schools offers relocation >> let's talk about tax cuts for andce housing allowances to us, average americans. how does that money flow through attract teachers. the economy and encourage ba in hong kong, roxanna plans spending and hiring? this is the one everybody thinks to eventually return home to should stay in place, the california, but with the u.s. extension of tax cut to the unemployment rate at 9.6%, she's middle class. not rushing to buy her plane obvious. that graphic didn't need to be ticket.
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>> actually i am very nervous to complicated did it? >> no. go back. it's clear. like, we'realkingbout maybe lot of money. going back in a year or so. if you raise my taxes, i'll have and i'm really -- i still don't- i still don't know if less. if you keep my tax cuts in i'll find work. place, i can continue to spend >> reporter: until then, it's a as i have been doing. waiting game until the time is right. it's not if they keep them, we will see a big change. it will be status quo. >> not to u. >> because we'res a using the not o. >> a. word tax cut but >> good job. we' talking about keeping taxes where they are. >> taxes are scheduled to expire >> reporter: pauline chu, hong kong. some of people behind the but it is a tax cut relate toif day's top stories -- what current law would have it homes suddenly blown away from a be. >> this is the one that's gas line explosion. absolutely in contention, the >> holy [ bleep ]! top one or two, depending on how what the [ bleep ] is that? you want to do the math, wealthy is that a plane crash? ericans. the bottom line there is the >> wow. that iss strong. same as everybody else, you give residents of a charred people a tax break, they spend california neighborhood see their homes for the first time it. the top line, if you give while investigators look into what went wrong. natural gas, a cheaper but wealthy people a tax break, they controversial way to get it out masave it but the middle one of the ground known as fracking is where it gets interesting. underat scrutiny for contaminatg
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drinking water. maybe they'll invest is in a start-up business that pays a >> any fossil fuel coal, oil, ptter return. gais -- they don't see the they get to hire people and those people that they hire then dirtside. this is the dirty side of end up spending money. natural gas. it's clean to burn but not clean that, rose ann, if it were to to get. >> and you're online right now. we are, too. work, that would be lovely. >> that would be lovely. maria following what's hot. and the question here is what >> tony, from kind of bang for the buck to you you don't have to be rich to rent an island, and when in get when you give wealthy people doubt,ut it to music. more money. as you said, a lot of them are taylor swift sing as song for just going to save it. and, okay, they save it and it kanye west. goes into investment, i can't sh forgives him. >> i need gaga. guarantee they are going to tax cuts promised t be a hot topic in washington this invest in u.s. companies. week. everyone pay attention. >> the world is our oyster, and has lawmakers on capol hill we know that growth in other decide will affect wall street places is often stronger than and main street. the debate is over extending the here. >> so, so, so -- how much are bush tax cuts set to expireth a the tax cuts we're talking the end of the year. president obama wants to keep them in place for those making about?mu less than $250,000 is year. how much? how long have then been in place? the top house republican wants josh levs crunching the numbers. to extend them for everyone, bu >> here's the deal. when we take a look at what's going on with the tax cuts, the majority of them on both sides
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>> if the only option i have is want to keep them. we a ta talking about something to vote for some of those tax that goes back to the bush administration. to drill this home for you, i .edaukrr want to give you examples of reductions i'll vote for for them. i've been making the point for what has happened when basally months wneed to extend all brackets were lowered. current rates for all americans we have our nice avatar couple if we want to get our economy going again and get jobs in that we use from time to time. america. >> the issue whether to extend we are ing information from a tax calculator, a tax palz the tax cuts is a political issue but raises questions about center nber. o isonsidered rich and imagine that this couple is whether keeping the tax cuts making 7,000 a year. will help the economy. >> that' good money in. >> that's right in the middle chief business correspondent and range of what middle class isddc host of "cnn newsroom" at one amica. middle class is a huge broad time, ali velshi joining us from term but middle of the middle, new york. ali, $250,000 and more. you are getting around here. is there any debate as to so $57,000, the tax liability is whether or not that makes you alwethy in the united states o about $35. america? if the cuts were to expire, it would jump about $2,000 which is >> lots of debate about that. that, of course, he as to do wi a big chunk of change for a the cost of housing, living, certainly in places like new family in that situation. york and san francisco. they would feel it. no one is talking about removing good arguments that doesn't make you wealthy, but divides up into their taxcuts. president obama wants to keep 97% of the population, those cuts and republicans want
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to keep the cuts. households earning less than this needs to be extended or that. this will happen. 3%, earning more than that. let's go to the next scalpel. let's say they get $106,000 per so politically, get more money out of t very rich. year, curnt tax liability not politically influential and about 0.40 can get us $670 billion to $680 >> if you are making $106,000, ffllion into the federal you are not in the middle class at tt point, are you? >> no, they're happens not but they are not talking about coffers. removing the tax cut because >> would you agree if making this is a couple making less $250,000 or more in america than $250,000 a year. you're doing pretty good? youht are right, we jummed into >> generally true. yeah. if you are earning more than high incomes. $250,000 as family or as an only a small portion of america individual you are doing prty gets six-figure salaries but it well. the issue is what will you do would jump up to here. with the tax cut if you lose it? it is not expected to. this i an example of what would what happens if you end up getting that rescinded as the change if it expires as obama administration wants to president obama wants it to. do? they make more than $250,000. what affect lieutenant thwill i they are at almost $400,000. economy? that's $700 billion bac into federal coffers to helpeduce when you g to the second hundred thousand and third the deficit or whatever else it hundred thousand, it is a bigger will be. don't take the cut away, in
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chunkf change. theory, republicans saying, people will invest that money. taxes about $100,000. if it expired, it would jump they will invest it incompaniess about $6,000 and that would ha uppen if this i ultimately and instill confidce in the dropped. this is the question -- will the economy, this is an anti-rich 250 thing happen or not? if what president obama wants p happens, people in these people administration. unclear whether it will work. situations will pay more. we're having a tough time making >> do this for me, when we do decisions between spending and taxes, and that's what's going this again,t let's look at to have to happen. $251,000. we have to face the music on >> i did, and you can barely see this. t onwell the point of question anything because at $251,000 you are barely above, it's only on is, what percentage of the money already given to the wealthy through the bush tax cuts has the 1, and you have to factor if gone to investing? fef 401t'(k)s, and it's only on >> well, that's a good question. we don't have an absolute answer the tax. you have to jump up to the to that. one of those things where it's less of a science than an art. $300,000 to see the difference. it is only the income above creates a sentiment. tax people at a low are rate in $250,000. theory they feel better about the economy, use the money in a only the income above $250,000. good way. what is better for the economy? say people did ta'vkehe money what builds the economy? they've saved on taxes and leaving it in the hans of people invested it. don't know how in a way to spend? at the wte house, they're -- doesn't helpt. anybo
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president rityama's national if they're doing that. security team updating himon the bottom row there, they could the war in afghanistan. beif spending. if you spend, you create jobs. the final brigade deployed under the president's surge strategy you create demand. that can help the economy. isow on the job in afghanistan that's got the same effect on as the 9/11 anniversary passed wealthy americans and middle and whether the capture of osama class americans. those with the lower income bin laden is necessary for spend a great amount of what victory. >> symbolically, bin laden is in they earn or spend in taxes on day to day needs. a class by himself but you make greater effectiveness there. look at midd line, tony. an important point. wealthy americans may berone over the years we have to invest then in they don't pay eliminat the operational w in taxes. leaders and now we see if they invest they might invest replacement leaders come up, and in a start-up company. taking out that level of that start-up company may hire leadership is a critical part of people. those people who are hired then the strategy because they're the may end up spending money, and most experienced planners and they're the people with the that virtuous circle. ability to put together the schemes and train and launch the a couple problems. attacks, and so while we would may invest in the stock market or companies that don't operate all like to get bin laden, the in the u.s. or maybe in china or india, brazil where so much fact is getting the operational leaders is a critical part of buness is being done this way. this is the pobm with the whole debate. success. new particulars are in on politicians present it as if there is a straight line between hurricane igor. tax cuts and prosperity. cnn meteorologist rob marciano has this. the straight line simply does >> this explodedver the
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not exist t. one other thing. weekend, and the latest advisory by t way, every time you and i have a conversation about taxes on this show it ends up on a re we' from the national hurricane i will tell youlk this. center, it exploded out in the everybody talk about the reagan tax cuts. when reagan ctaut thoset tax, atlantic. it's a cat 4 now with winds of they were at a much higher level than now and a lot of room to 150 miles an hour, on the verge cut. we're t talking about that of becoming a category 5. much room between etending the tax cuts and what will happen if you don't extend the tax cuts. well-defined eye,go continues t go to e west toward the it's very unclear it will have leeward islands. just about 2,000 miles from any on the e an effect particular point in the u.s. and company that some lp have you that, of course, is concerning, believe. >> i love that they're talking about these issues. considering it's movement. let's talk about the track of >> as long as they're talking about it and spelling our this thing. name this is the forecast from the right. >> that's it. on the other hand, final point national hurricane cente keeps here -- it at major hurricane strength isn't it clear that when you cut here over the next five days. tas, regardless of what we do begin to see a right turn, wealthy people do, whether they do, in fact, invest, spe, then northerly turn. that's good. spending at least hiring, isn't days four andfive, that spread it clear that when you cut taxes still has it lined up with the to people in the middle class they use that money in their u.s. so we have to watch it very, very carefully. day-to-day lives? we have picture s in from nasa. >> well, you know, it's a fact >> we do? that the lower you are on the income scale, a greater
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we pics? >> this personality in my head proportion of your income used told me this. on trsportation, food, lookt that, yeah, t love that reating, things you need. the lower you are on the income shot. scale the more you are likely to it's a closeup picture of that do with a tax cut than the beast. we'll talk about that and other weather happening, including higher you are in the income scale. if you earn $250,000 a year you julia, later on in the program. colorado's focus on don't use all that money generally speaking unless you're firefighting is shifting north not all that responsible on from boulder to loveland. heating and clothing and housing, all that kind of stuff. yeah. that's true. crews say 100 homes may be the lower you are the income scale, the more likely you are threatened by wildfires burning to use. i have to remind everybody. outside loveland. we're not talking about adding a two homes have gone up in flames. full containment expected today. tax cut. talking whether you keep your tax cut or lose it. fire destroyed 166 homes last i don't know that everybody will treat that as a windfall, just week. we are watching what's hot on line, ines ferre surfing the t losing a tax cut. >> let's see wh they say. ali, see you at theu top 69 hou. web. > 25 years of tv, oprahof kicks thanks, buddy. >> all right. we want you to be part of off her final season. the conversation if you have a she's got surprises, and i mean question for ale on the economy lots of surprises, and also fm reach out to us on facebook, twitter and my blog, awacom, who wore it best at last night's vma awards? so how much are the tax cuts we're talking about here, and
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how long have they been in place? josh levs is crunches numbers on that. what the taxre cuts would smea your current budget. >> surprising for you based on what we were talking about last hour. first people basic examples. a thing called the tactical clate e tactical calculator. here's ourar friendly avatar couple. a couple examples from them. income is it about $57,000. ton of the variables. imaginary example, and taxes around $3,500 right now, if the couple thousand.y would go u a which is a lot for a couple making $57 a year. >> yes. >> no one's talking about that happening. the president and republicans want to keep that tax cutn place. a rlile higher here. together $106,000 and then it goes up about $3,000, if that
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expired. still, when you m've got two peopleaking $50,000 each what america.sider middle class in that's a big chunk of change pup don't want to see that go away. now, you were xsh xsh. >> josh, josh, joh, doctor ybef go, trying to get back in the light. the middle class, the range between $35,000 and $60,000 for a family, isn't that the range for the middle class in america? if you're making0, $100,000, you're doing pretty well by middle class standards. right? >> they call that high, but understanding, because there's no official definition what the middle classs in america. i was reading about this from you're describing the middle of the middle. >> right. go ahead. >> people watching right now who are a couple where one's makings 60,000, one's making $40,000, theye pt feeling wealth pip screaming at the tv,mi hello. we're middle class. yes, doing a lot better than the
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middle of the middle. >> what if you make 251? hundreds of people in san >> right. >> the reason, having income bruno today are wabing up surround bide the devastation. isn't the same as adjustable income and then having the they were allowed toeturn to taxablincome - >> oh, lord. the san francisco suburb >> all of this comes into play. yesterday for the first time since friday's deadly gas line look at the friendly avatar fire. tcouple. when went to the tax kale ted rowlands joins us now from san bruno. i really want you to describe what people there are waking up c to this monday morning but i calculator it found taxes they know you have a guest with you. would pay pob about the same under president obama's plan. >> reporter: yeah, tony, we have now, people will see that and say, what? over 250 christopher rt, vice chairman it goes up. of the ntsb, lead agey into it does, but there are also otr factors that change, the investigation into this explosion which took place last including the widening of one of week, and, obviously, you guys these tax brackets. are focusing, mr. hart on this we have a story tt talks about a sweet spot. piece of pipe. a surprise tax cut with the almost rich. we saw a chaunk of it, if you >> for the almost rich. some people, some will, get o hauled out of hre people out there who will actually come out ahead under this morning. what can you learn from president obama's plan. analyzing that pipe? a lot of people over $20$0,000 we will take the pipe and those adjacent to it on both ds to
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our metallurgy labs where we will see taxes go up. big picture. will try to determine what how will the amount of money the caused the breach of the pipe. government's getting change? >> reporter: what people are concerned about across the in one way, millionaires making country is thathese a lot of money. current taxes, $5,000. transmission lines are everywheremiles and miles of them, and having this blow the looks what happened. jumps up to $645,000. way it did, and its age, should anothe $70-plus thousand people beconcerned about the future in the coming years and dollars. one place the government would decades about the ianstructure collect a lot more money. that's where you get in the and this possibly happening more debate what is best for the country? frequently? >> one of the systemic issues the government to try to spend i n certain ways? we'll look 'in addition to the that's the debate right there. >> well, the government wouldn't elated to this r necessarily have to spend that event is the fact that pipelines -- it's not uncommon money. they could apply it to the that pipelines that were deficit. installed many years ago ex-as >> which would be nice. this one t was in 1956, they we >> thanks, josh. in areeas that weren't densely >> hope that helped. still to come, ever heard of populated, and since then they fracking? some people say the procedure is have becomepo densely n populat. contaminating their drinking we need to lookt that in the waters. the cnn special invest gration macro picture we're addressing unit will explain. with this accident. back in 90 seconds. >> reporter: have you found anything of note in the days and chase a large weeks leading up to this, to accommodate their family. particularly reports of people matt was a star from start to end.
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he took care of us. he'll take care of you. smells gas? are those accurate, and reports we always like to follow up with clients that there was some construction and make sure that they know on top of that area? we're tracking their loan for them, and if there's something that makes more sense for them, what can you tell us about? f we c present that as an option. >> we didn't find any the surprise was that there were no surprises. contemporaneous construction but they have great technology, but they have people like matt. we will look not just over the that's what makes the difference. weeks, but years, has 37 been it's an opportunity to help clients achieve the american dream. that's why i love quicken loans! ♪ construction that could have contributed to the problem. also we're following up on i just wish that all of the important information ople who said they smelled gas and called it in. we have not been able to verify was gatred together in one place. that. if you smelled gas and called it in, let authorities know so we [ printer whirs ] done. follow up on it. ♪ >> reporter: mr. hart, thk you. tony, bacally, the thanks. investigation is ongoing, and do you work here? not yet. the let'sby has said it may take from tax info to debunking myths, months before they come to a the field guide to evolving your workforce final conclusion in terms of a final report but they will has everything you need. update the public once they do download it now at find anything that is of note to this explosion that really has has everything you need. lot of people nervous especially this site has a should i try priceline instead? no it's a sale. nothing beats a sale!
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here but around the country. >> that takes care of where we wrong move! are in e nvestigation. you. if you would, describe the scene you can save up to half off that sale when you name your owi and what people in the neighborhood are getting up to and waking up to today. price on priceline. but this one's a me. >> reporter: yeah. it's hard to -- we alwu ays say it's only pretending to be a deal. here, bid $79. you have to be here to appreciate it. got it. wow! that really is the case here you win this time good twin! there's no disguising the real deal. because literally the area where this explosion moved forward, it flattened 37 houses basically in an instant, and we came in yesterday with a family that was here when it happened. they shared some amazing home video. a gentleman was out on i his tell you something, a porch, and it really makes you growing problemld sweeping the step back when you see the sports world. it is a random moment of the day intensity of the flames in the video and gout on his porch worth further examination. the tennessee titans' mascot, a after and look at the aftermath. basically, people are coming ravenous raccoon by the name of back to their homes. the ones that are comi back, their homes are intact,as but t-rac devores -- look at this. a cheerleader. their neighborhood as they knew it, obviously, is completely blown away. the in-game snack came in the >> ted rowlands in san brew fourth quarter of the titans smashing the oakland raiders. know, california, thank you. getting a job is certainly
11:17 am
38-17. several other cheerleaders have hard forert evyone in this faenll l victim lately to masco. economy but for one group in we will keepocumenting their particular, it is especially difficult. the market's open for coming up on two hours now. appetites. in your random moment of the day. >> that's not right. we are in positive territory. how object that for a monday? we are following these numbers for you throughout the day in the cnn newsroom. uh-huh! it's just the way you like it-- made with wholesome grains, real beef, even carrots and peas. you love the smaller-size, easy-to-chew kibbles, and i love the carbohydrates for energy and protein for muscles. whoa! wait for me! ha-ha. you only think you're getting spoiled. [ woman announcing ] beneful incredibites. another healthful, flavorful beneful.
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key lime pie, pineapple upside down cake. no, i've actually lost weight... [ female announcer ] lavors at around 100 calories eac [ wife ] babe... i gotta go. [ female announcer ] yoplait, it is so good. got to tell you it is not something many of you will be familiar with, but it could impact us all. today in upstate new york the environmental protection agency is holding a public hearing on the highly controversial process of hydraulic fracturing or fracking. the hearing over the drilling technique for natural gas production is drawing in aarge crowd, both pro and con. drew griffin of cnn special investigation's unit introduces us to folks in pennsylvania who say fracking is dangerous. >> reporter: phil aly's pure well waning he and his family have been dnking for nearly 50 years is now full of methane gas.
11:19 am
studies suggest there is he's sick of telling people still discrimination ag about it, so now he just showse minorities when employers hire, an if you're black, male and th. have a criminal record, getting >> i'm not going to -- the lid a job is even tougher. will blee right out. try it. stephanie elam found some state and local governments trying to >> whoa. looks like -- you scared me.e change that but for many, it is still an uphill struggle. >> you're really lucky. >> here's the basketball. >> what just happened? >> reporter: gene mace knows all >> that's just the gas went too well what a criminal record down. can do to a job search. d blowing out the hose. i turn it up and the water once the top of his class in blocked that, it will burn a flame off the top. high school, he dropped out of >> reporter: the gas bubbles college and began selling coke through his well. >> you can seenow,ou can't to support his habit. see even the hose in the bottom >> once i started dng stcocaine, of that. it just shot straight to thes o because that's all sas. as far as my priority list. >> it was atne time clear. >> clear. >> reporter: in 1989, he went to crystal clear. >> reporter: it steams off like jail for drug trafficking and served his time, paid his dues. >> october the 7th, 1997, and alka-seltzka alka-seltzer's in in his chicken coop he can show you the flame. that's the day that i got clean. what's causing this? people in eastern rural pennsylvania, like others, he >> reporter: flash forward a has been fracked. this area is seeing a boom in decade, now married and a father, he was studying to the natural gas business, become an electrician to better because of a geological formation known at the marcellus
11:20 am
provide for his dfamily. >> i did something they said had never been done and that was get shale and a drilling process 100 on each one of the 12 tests. called hydraulic fracturing. >> reporter: despite this, the fracking, as it's known, drills doin and sideways into the city of cincinnati revoked its massive shale rock that lies electrician job offer. thousands of feet low, >> the city looked at gene and injecting mostly water an some saw that he had two felony chemicals, which cause many earthquakes. convictions in his past and that ck fractures the rock, said, therefore, you can't work for the city. releasing clear, odorless, it didn't care about his rehabilitation, didn'tare that floating gold. he was rarched numbercl one in s natural gas trapped inside the class each of the five years of marcellus shale. the training program. hundreds of trillions of cubic >> reporter: singleton feet worth. enough to supply the northeast successfully fought to get for decades to come. cincinnati to ban the greg and julie say they, too, are being fracd. employers are still free to ask the question later in the hiring >> i'm going play a little th process. the point is to give devil's advocate with you. that's a little why they say they're doing this. ex-offenders a chance at an i because this is clean fuel? interview. >> it's giving people a fair >> it's not clean. shot. it's a fossil to compe te for jobs where any fossil fuel, coal, oil, gas, is -- they don't see the dirty they're qualified. >> reporter: so this box issue, is it for of an issue for people side. this is the dirty side of natural gas. of color, for black men? it's clean to bur butt it's no
11:21 am
>> statistics bear out that if you're a person of color, you are more likely to be the focus clean to get. >>eporter: pennsylvania's department of environmental of the police, you're more otection confirmed it andin is e now forcing the gas exploration likely to wind up. the criminal justice system. >> reporter: this summer, company cabot oil ando gas, to truck in clean drinking water. connecticut banned the box on state job applications while though cabot denies its process massachusetts and hawaii ban all employers from using the b. contaminating anything. massachusetts state citing a 2004 epa study whh representative james miss miceli found only a minimal threat to underground drinking water and told cnn, we don't believe the is against softening the laws. process is contaminating the >> i want everybody to have all of the information regarding ground water. someone's criminal record they as a technology it's proven in can get. >> reporter: but victor garcia, a professor of surgery and pediatrics in ohio believes there's a direct correlation safe. they don't buy it. between une loymenop and the young people who end up in his he wants to be paid for a house emergency rom. that now has a methane relas >> chronic joblessness is a stack in his front yard. >> to keep itrom blowing up. direct cause for the growth of the illegal or informal economy yes. >> reporter: and a neighborhood, he says that is sometimesd fogge and with that is culture of in with methane mist. gunshot wounds. >> reporter: now clean for
11:22 am
nearly 13 years, mace works for >> will this become ghost town some day? a transit company but he never >> maybe. i certainly don't want to live did get that electrician's job. here anymore. >> drew griffin joins us. >> oeay a felon, always a felon, drew, i'm trying to put this and so that's what generally story -- it's dramatic stuff -- leads a person back to the life into a context that i can handle of crime because they feel like here, because it seems to me a once they committed a crime, lot of this comes down to money.'s no use now. talking about two groups of what i hope can come out of this people here. people who were paid for their is that those same individuals land to, for this process to that were thinking like that can take place. now have a sense of hope. >> right. >> right? >> rht. >> stephanie elam joining us t >> high don't drink the water, with more on the story. right? >> everybody gets paid. this is a tricky question. these people got paid $2,500 an acre to lease their land. there are so many unemployed one-time payment, plus people in the united states right now. why should we careve about peop royalties. a lot of money involved here. who haven't also livede along te they are small landowners, so they don'tet aotan of money raight and narrow, above and certainly not worth it if you live in and cannot use your board? >> reporter: right, and i think water anymore. that's a lot of what people are the basics is, this was going to going to think when they look at be a big boom for a lot of these a story like this or look at people in these depressed areas, someone like gene mace, but i add that's what'soing on in new york, tony. that a lot of big landowners who think the thing you should take see big payments comes want away is thatth pple won't frack. they want this exploration that definitely get the job but give them a chance.y has to come out of the ground.
11:23 am
number one, they don't drink the if they do get a job and stay water. two, many, maybe, don't live out of a life of crime, they are more likely to pay taxes and there, but the warning is from the people who live there. help the urban core come in and go slow. be carel, because right now they turn on the tap, gas is make it better. d paying into a system coming out of their faucets. so many of us are paying into >> wow. anyway. would help out that way and good stuff. reduces crime if less people are thanks, drew. when we come back an update on hurricane igor. getting ou of the circuit of now a category 4 storm. going back into crime and jail and into the underbelly of we willit check in with chad myers. finding money a different way. he is tracking igor and tell us >> makes sense. where it is and where it's heading. fightg a financial crisis from the polls, this october, our job is to listen and find ways to help cnn asks,debt a bigger problem to workers who lost their jobs to the spill. than racism? i'm iris cross. almighty debt, a black in we'll keep resting the jobs, tourist beaches, america special coming in october. and businesses impacted by the spill. checking top stories now, a we've paid over $400 million in claims new york imam, feisal abdul rauf and set up a $20 billion independently-run claims fund. talking in detail about his i was born in new orleans. family still lives here. islamic detail center pland i'm gonna be here until we make this right. mere ground zero. he says it is closer to a strip
11:24 am
club than ground zero. he adds moving the project would tdd# 1-800-345-2550 no more $2, $3 fees. only energize radicals. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 no more paying to access your own money. >> lt there be no mistake, tdd# 1-800-345-2550 it'd be like every atm in the world was your atm. ladies and gentlemen, islam g tdd# 1-800-345-2550 the schwab bank high yield investor checking(tm) account. rejelks the killing of is sent tdd# 1-800-345-2550 zero atm fees. people. terrorists violate the sanctity tdd# 1-800-345-2550 a great interest rate. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 no minimums. of human life and corrupt the meaning of our faith. in no way do they representur tdd# 1-800-345-2550 the biggest thing in checking since checks. religion, and we must not let tdd# 1-800-345-2550 open an account at 1-800-4schwab or them define us. >> the man accused of trying to blow up an airplane on christmas day is in court. there may be a plea deal for this man. the young nigerian tried to set okay pap bit of breaking neing into s cnn. off explosives in his underwear we're learning from sources in washington that capitol hill on a flight. police are having evacuate the in mexico, police say sergio areas around the house chambert including the galleries on the villarreal is in custody, the thd floor and if you're second allegeded kingpin familiar with the building, the captured since august when galleries. police nabbed the american knn th's where tourists go to view the house chamber. as la bar buy. the house press galleries on the
11:25 am
third floor also evacuated. my mom, my buness partner, so we're going to follow this. the house floor is closed right now. that's my wife... look, you've got people. and the hou has not scheduled chances are, state farm has them too. to be in session until 2:00 p.m. see, state farm insures more drivers tomorrow. we don't know why the evacuation than geico and progressive combined. has been ordered but we'll keep anye on this situation and 40 million drivers, more savings and discounts of up to 40%. talk to our folks on capitol hill and get an update soon. soon as they have additional so talk to your neighbors. then call an agent at 1-800-state-farm or go onlin information, right here on the "cnn newsroom." let's get to chad myers. [ jeff ] my wife called again, as promised, chad is tracking then there's my neighbor. hurricane igor. [ cellphone rings ] hold on. it's my daughter. what are the particulars, sir? hey, schmoopie woopi! ooh. look at that. [ laughing ] hey, schmoopie woo...pie. >> 150 miles per hour. and you notice, maybe i can help you out a little bit. yours? really? draw it up here. it's been our dream sice we were kids. i'm going to try todraw. uh, that long, huh? why not? as horizontal a line i can. mcdonald's really supports entrepreneurs. it tries to even go a little they spend over $5 billion dollars... south there in th pa couple with businesses in communities like ours. of hours, away from that line. you two really know your stuff. it hasn't made that big turn we'veone our homework! time for breakfast. that we hope for. mom! not in front of the customers. you know that turnthat's always forecast that sometimes happens wake up! wake up! a ttle too late? - i ju st had the st amazing dream! - me too! wake up! wake up! like the last one? although it finally did turn, 80
11:26 am
opportunities inspiring big dreams. mcdonald's. miles soon enough. we're talking 150. 145, 135, and then, yes. there'the bottom side of what could be the cone. here the's quick turn side. i don't see that happening. it's still going to the south. maybe the south side or left side of this cone for a while, but every single model, ony, turns it off to the right. that's goo pd. look at picture from the space station. this is live. if want to go to nasatv, help you get on your cable system. that's what it looks like, comes right into our routers he at cnn. an amazing picture of a category 4. okay. 156 is a category 5. we're at 150. can you tell the difference? >> no. >> okay. neitheca wn i. i thought i was standing as 150 mile-per-hour, you told me it was 156, i would believe you. that thing isd wrapped up. big waves across the east coast,
11:27 am
one way or the other. we don't think this hits the u.s. at all. >> look at that picture. available where? y if you want to go on -- >> logging some of the lowest grades on the nation's report card. there may about solution, or evolution that's adding up to more high school graduates. it's what we're talking about in our "what matters" segment. making math fun in the motor by are getting breaking news. city. >> reporter: detroit may be an airplane with more than 45 trying to reen vent itself, but passengers and crew has gone when it comes to educating its children, the word struggle onl down about 45 minutes ago in begins to describe the situation. venezuela, and no immediate information on casualties or almost every kid has to walk through a metal detector, just survivors. we're getting this from take a walk to school. >> one of my students said, he venezuelan global vision and his friends prepared reports, and that the crash themselves what tome do if somebody puts a gunn your happened in southern venezuela. face. >> reporter: only tr59% of detrt we have pictures yet, but we public school students graduate from high school. right now the school system is will continue to follow developments on this and get you
11:28 am
information and do some mapping battling a $363 million budget on this as soon as we can. let' get to rob marciano now. deficit. >> start it off. >> 3 plus 3. the fire threats in colorado has >> reporter: as despera at the moved north of boulder and we'e situation may , two wayne n tking about loveland. state university professors found success inspiring detroit what are the conditions in that kids. area. >> clap three times! >> that's dramatic stuff what's >> reporter: of all place, a math camp. >> remember, you want to play gooning in loverland. mathematics up here you better keep it simple.ep it is dry but we don't expect a okay? got to keep it -- ton of wind. >> reporter: in 1991, with a few this isabout 30 miles north of kids at first, they started math where that boulder, colorado corps a free six-week program fire was, the four-mile fire. for youngsters grades seven andh up. now those assets are being what's different? complex and often scary mathrm transferred north to fight this problems transformed into teen blaze where there are 100 homes challenges. >> that's perfect. >> reporter: the curriculum threatened, already 1 home lost. they have all of the assets that creates an environment for they have on hand to battle supporting others, it's central to learning. that. not a lot of -- there's not any >> we have a support system. we support people like this, and big weathermakers happening when they get it right, we across the lower 48. agree. makes them feel happy when they we didave heat in the south, turn around and see all these people agreeing with them. montgomery, alabama, 99, >> reporter: math corps now accepts 500 students per year. columbus, orgia, 98. they come from different
11:29 am
this happened after a cool front backgrounds, different abilities. noonly to learn but also to teach. passed through the area. >> kids teaching kids works so it the air cooled down after that. unbelievably well, because it's not kids teaching kids. let's toucon julia because i it's kids caring about kids. didn't talk about this last hit. >> reporter: and the proof is in the numbers. 40-mile-an-hour winds. probably become a hurricane, 90% of students who complete math corps graduate from high probably be a fish storm. so, bye bye. school. d 80% go on to college. we are looking at egor, a >> the fact that you have them category 4 storm. on a college environment -- at a if you get in ser,clo weather geeks unite, that is just a thing of beauty. young age -- i'm rry. oh, my goodness, beauty in the i'm going to lose it, but -- eye of the beholder. you're worsomething. i say enthat with enthusiasm because th'sat the track and you're worth this. we're hoping this becomes a fish >> we believe we cannot just change the school system, but storm. it's too early to fell that will change you know, the city in a fundamental way. pan ou but, right w, at least, we want it to turn north. >> so positive. i want to run that story every day. and to read more stories >> tracking toward the northern that matter to all of is, pick up the latest issue of "essence"
11:30 am
leeward islands? is that okay? >> it's going to make that turn. magazines on newsstands now. you never want at view like hasn't made that turn ye this from your backyard deck. days four and five, the margin >> holy [ bleep ]! of error gets big. what the [ bleep ] is that? >> i'm trying to show you i was that a plane crash? listen. >> did you today. that is the video -- can you that's impressive. believe that? a new documentary blows the the natural gas pipeline explosion near san francisco. whistle on america's broken the investigation shifting into education system. [ male announcer ] let's throw down some style. high gear. ♪ [ female announcer ] good friends never run out of things to talk about... and during endless shrimp at red lobster, you can keep the conversation going over endless servings of your favorite shrimp. from classics like garlic shrimp scampi and decadent shrimp pasta... to s new creations, like crunchy parmesan shrimp. style that lasts a lifetime. our best value of the year, endless reasons to get together. what do you say we get the look we want, during endless shrimp, the soft feel we need, right w at nod lobster.
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♪ love, dad and ♪ love, mom ♪ it's your birthday, now, that's the bomb ♪ ng ♪ you're 13 and livin' strong ♪ [muffled] ♪ it's the happy birthday song ♪ what, what? ♪ it's the happy birthday song ♪ ♪ what, what? ♪ the happy... announcer: you don't have to be perfect to be a perfect pent, cause kids in foster care don't need perfection. they need you. save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance?really was abe lincoln honest? mary: does this dress make my backside look big? so? have much neow information bruti want to update you on the story brought to you moments ago. capitol hill police evacuated abe: perhaps... the areas around the house chamber, including the galleries on the third floor. co save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance?really that's where tourists go to vie the house chamber in action. host: is having a snowball fight with pitching great randy johnson a bad idea? let's see. the house press gallery's also on the third floor, evacuated. man: yeah, i'm thinking maybe this was a bad idea. and we've got two pictures here. and you see the -- the capitol there on left and then i believe that is the east front of the capitol building on your right there.
11:33 am
so we're trying to get additional information to learn why the evacuation was ordered. don't have that yet, but as soon president obama saysit's time to pay tribute to as weg do we will pass it along historically back colleges and crews outside boulder, colorado, tsto you. wildfire ntain a universities. today we kick off ak weehe today. it destroyed 166 homes. highlighting the historic the new concern is this blaze st hbcus playa major role in burning near lovelandi. that's about 40 miles north of i boulder. education. he pledged support and firefighters say about t100 homs challenged the schools to bill may be a rick there. on their achievements. already two homes and several other buildings burned s as the >> you've made it possible for millions of people to achieve fire spread over 700 acres. their dreams and gave so many california is directing pg&e to young people a chance they nerve inspect its entire natural gas a chance that nobody else would pipeline system. give them. a blown out section of pipe from and that's something to the san bruno explosion. celebrate and that's something to be very, very proud of. let's go washington for forensic more now on our weeklyocus analysis. showing us scary home video from the incident and tells us me fixing our schools. a newocumentary headed to a people got a chance to go home sunday for a few brief moments. theater near yew sheds light on >> holy [ bleep ]! what t [ bleep ] was that? system. kareen wynter ports that the >> this incredible home video goal of "waiting for super man"
11:34 am
was captured moments after the is to inspire reform.os explosion. >> youost people get a from a house balcony just behind crappy education? the blown gas pipe. a >> i know they are. >> reporter: davisa guggenheim >> was that a plane crash? has a message for america. >> reporter: the voice you hear >> if we don't fix our public lobengs to walter mckathry. schools for everybody, we're in one hand on his video camera, trouble. >> rorter: the 46-year-old the other on his phone telling his wife not to come home with hdirector knows how to get his message across. their three children. his last film earned $50 million this is the view from that deck now. at the box office, won an oscar walter and hisife were allowed unday afternoon to their house for the first time since an sparked an international the explosion. debate over global warming. >> just looking at all of this. i mean, i -- i saw all of this his new film "waiting for super from the news, but being here man" could do the same thing for and, the first timeoming up public education. here and looking at all this it was just - no words. he met us at sun dance where his i can't really explain. movie was first acquired by a >> reporter: teams are still major studio. >> the system we bui does well sifting through ash searching for remains of people still for adults, the unions and listed as missing. bureaucracy and parents but not asrn investigators try to learn for the kids. what cauelosion, >> reporter: the film follows questions have surfaced about the lives ofive children as the section of pipe that blew. they wait for th nr umbe to be a pg&e document outlining costs called in a lottery to determine to replace the pipe says "the which kids get into the best
11:35 am
likelihood of a failure makes schools. an eye-opening movement for i the risk of a failure at this location unacceptably high." guggenheim. >> i drive past three public that doesn't mean pe thought schools to get my kids to a there was a chance the pipe private school. could explode. as i drive by them, i know we're but mark toni, executive not doing enough for every kid. director of the consumer >> reporter: education reformer watchdog group utility reform jeffrey cana and billionaire network says it's important if reports that residents smelled bill gates cnn they gas before the explosion are true. paerped in the film because of their concerns. >> nobody, pg&e included, could >> we have a school day that's have imagined something as too o t, year that's short, and lots of teachers who horrible and terrible as the san unbro blast and fire as should not be teaching children. >> reporter: and to offer solutions for the future. happening, but the fact remains >> today the internet gives you that when pg&e got the reports the opportunity toct watch the best lectures in the world. of gas leaks from several they're out there for free.dv if you take advantage of thosee customers over several days, they should have realed that resources, can be broader and this was an area that was old, deeper than kids in my generation were. >> we rank 25th in math and 21st that was at high risktifynd identify it as high risk. in science, and in almost every >> reporter: federal officials category we have fallen behind. leading the investigation are looking into the reports about the smell of gas in the days >> when i watch these things, before the explosion, and how you have to have skepticism. pg&e responded.
11:36 am
>> we would sw anybody who says >> reporter: jay fernandezm fro they smelled gas and called it reporter sa in to let us know. super man has more to do with >> reporter: the m ckathrys pla inspiring change than assigning to move back when they're sure blame. >> the film makers and stud 84 it's safe to do so. are hoping that this doesn't their home suffered minor dama.gee just spark a public debate but their neighborhood will never be the same. and, tony, they are still reform. >> reporter: fernandez says his working and searching the debris greatest concern is that meev area for possible remains. there are four people that are goers built might keep them from buying a ticket. >> i know this is out there but missing. over the weekend, it was do i want to go and stick my originally six. face in it because i then have two people showed up, but four are unaccounted for. they're searching for the to either do something or i'm a total schmuck. remains still, even today, and >> reporter: hoping to avoid it's unclear when the peop this problem, the film struck that actually lost all of their homes will have an opportunity deals with corpora sponsors to to come back and see their donateundreds of thousands of dollars in books and school supplies for every 10,000 people probabili property, because their homes who see the film. are completely obliterated. this way everyday people can be the super heroes public schools >> thank you. an engineer and his wife sick of going through layoffs are waiting for. >> it takes goo examples to cash in their 401(k) to start their own business. say, yes, we can do this. >> we thought that youknow, >> reporter: kareen wynter, cnn, that this was the best way to
11:37 am
los angeles. > tom joyner is announcing a invest into our future. >> we'd alwa talked about new initiative to enhance online ideally wanting to have au famy education. this could be really really big. business some day. you know, wouldn't it be great? he joins us to talk about that tomorrow right here on cnn. after 25 years, weekday >> launching a business after 30 years in the corporate world. we will show you how the phelps afternoon tv will never be the are doing it. ry pricelinetensad? same. oprah winfrey shutting it down >> no at the end of the season. it a sale. nothing beats a sale! wrong move! you. you can save up to half off that sale when you name your own price on but this one's a me. it's only etending to be a deal. here, bid $79. got it. wow! you win this time good twin! there's no disguising the real deal. ♪ [ tires screech ] [ engine revving ] [ male announcer ] every business day, [ drums plang ] bank of america lends billions of dollars, to individuals, institutions,
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i wanted the touro be on television. how's everybody? all right. you tell maria i need a little work out of her today! how about this? the end of an era. all right, everybody, get you to, the best finanal website on the web pup see the big story. ines,er if ray, how are folks wall street bets big on republicans. let's see. other items of note here. reacting to this? just go to the latest news >> well, toy marks the final column here and look here. season of the oprah winfrey show a lot of news. and you know it's going to be a that's important about the economy right now, the team does good show today if you have john a terrific job. right here, travolta on there. jack, it's big board, the we want to show you avolta and numbers. new york stock exchange. winfrey walking on stage. off session highs but still in positive tritory. she said, i have a big surprise up 41 points. the nasdaq, three hours into the for everybody. take a look at what we are going tring day, up 30. got to tell you, this is a story tohow you with 300 people in that i think there are a lot of the audience. we're going to australia! lessons. five layoffs decides to ch a in >> you a stral gentleman, whoa! retirement and start fresh with his wife as hi business partner. >> australia, she's taking look at this dty, do it everybody toat australia! that's posted on her website
11:41 am and last night we were at the vma awards, and we asked yourself. there are lessons here. stars what they thought about >> reporter: for the first time oprah's last season. in their 29-year marriage, steve take a listen. and kathy phelps share t >> i'm very, very, very sad that -- i felt like she has heir morning commute to work because after all of these yeares they raised families, you know what i both wok for the same company. mean, and i feel like she has so their veryown. >> we'dbo always talkedy about much to -- people should really, ideally wanting to have a family business some day. really applaud her for the work at she's done. wouldn't it be great? >> reporter: after 30 years of >> what is it going to be like working in corporate america, steve a product design engineer without oprahn the afternoon? got fed up with the corporate >> i don't know. i don't kn if the sun will life. come up? he was sick of watching his spin?he world friends get firened and who knows? nervously waiting for the other i don't know. shoe to drop. >> last season? >> through my career, five where have i bee layoff, four, five layoffs. are you serious? >> i got to get on that show >> reporter: during this last before it's over? recession the 51-year >> i never get to be on oprah? decided enough is enough. >> at this point, at our age, no, no, oprah, please. starting over again loas not listen, before -- please, i'm something we were looking forward to doing again. begging you on icnn. >> reporter: so he took control if i can just go on and wave to of his own destiny. your audience, that's all i want la year in the middle of the recession, the plps decided to to do. >> now, when she announced that cash in their entire 401(k) this would be her last season, she said 25 years flt right, worth $50,000 and formed their
11:42 am
the perfect number, exact time, own company. it is a decision they made twhe so on january 1st, oprah heads watching their nest egg shrink >> when we saw that much gone of over to her own network. it already, you almost get an >> she's got her own network? attitude, like we don't have >> yes. >> that's pretty big. much else to lose. ines, appreciate it. >> reporter: they named the business afterthemselves. taking a look at top phelps innovations designing products to make people's lives stories. the boh called underwear bombe easier. something steve was already an is due in court. expert at, having work for 11 for the first time since years at a well-known household january, his attorneys may be talking abt a possible plea products company. he used his expertise in deal. he faces six charges for bathroom product design and took it on the road. allegedly trying to set off a it's a product inspired by the bomb on a flight into detroit last christmas. couple's road trips and dirty the largest appointment of restroom stops i. think everybody at one point in their new hampshire guardsmen and life has been to a bathroom women are packed and ready for where you were missing y operation new dawn.d something. they are expected to arrive in >> the potty pack. what this does, tains eight feet kuwait by november. they will provide logistics and of toilet paper, folded toilet beef up safety for personnel coming in and out of iraq. paper, flushable personalelight. 32 passengers are safe after >> reporter: he tried to pitch the product h in his old job bu their tour bus caught fire on an oregon highway. his enemployerdidn't see a the bus driver noticed smoke profitel margin. the phelps this it uge.ll be hu. dumpinfrom the dash.
11:43 am
>> bill gates worked for ibm and married for 30 years, a couple takes their partnership propos the idea. he said we don't see a market to a whole new level by going for that. don't see that many personal into business together. computers and -- i think they made a mistake. >> we balance each other. >> reporter: kathy does the i can't do what he does. books, takes care of the taxes and comes up with creative prodnduc names. her husbanddoes the hands-on he weren't do what i do. designing. he can't do paper work, and he is not organized in that area together they because he's more creative. assemble the products and the world's shortest assembly line and what >> yeah. is mostly an empty warehouse. running business when you're >> got an income that keeps the sharing the same bed. lights on here and at home. at's good. it's my diy economy series next >> reporter: the phelpsi teamed hour. up with an your doors writer and designed a series ofwaterproof fishing guides. once again, going with their theme of making life easier for people. b >> we've been out fishing, i can never remember how to use the lure. >> reporter: his latest project -- a new type ofharcoal chimney that heats up the coals then drops them without any mess. these are just prototypes for now. he's got a patent pending. so far six stories carry their products, but they theme of
11:44 am
something much bigger. >> we don't want it to be just a family business. we want it to truly be something that produces pducts that really make people happy. >> the phelps advice for anyone thinng of launching a business, a small business administration was a huge help for them both in helping them secure a loan and getting their ssne plan in place. just go to to get more information. we're back in a moment. you're in the "cnn newsroom." my joints ache so bad, i wake up in pain every day. i want to know why. i want to know why my hair is falling out. how did this happen? how did this happen? th a little pain in my knee. that's how it started.
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with the rest of the class. the all new chevrolet cruze. starting under $17,000. get used to more. ♪ time now for your cnn equals politics update. our deputy political director paul steinhauser joins us live from d.c. what is crossing right now, paul? >> reporter: tony, brand new, you know what, probably arguably the most interesting and bitter senate race in the country, the shoot-out in nevada between harry reid and sharron angle backed by a lot of people in the tea party vement. a brand new poll shows the race deadlocked. his is after both sides put up tons of campaign commercials attacking the other candidate. sharon wants to knock hum out.
11:47 am
look at this, also brand new this morning on thecnn political ticker. biden and clinton to help out joe sestak. right now, in pennsylvania, the foermer president up there helping out sestak, the two-term congressman from southeastern pennsylvania. he knocked off in the primaries arlen spect, thso clinton is up there helping him today, and jol biden, the vice president, will be there later today to help sestak raise money. polls indicate that sestak is let's gets you caught up on trailingt toomey. they want to hold onto this seat top stories now. anyi airplane carrying at least7 if they can in pennsylvania. not even on the ticker yet, so passengers and crew crashed in you get the story first, p venezuela. cnn lrned half are in a hospital right now with various delaware, that senate primary tomorrow getting even uglier, injuries. we'll keep you informed as soon as we learn more about the between mike castle, long time survivors. the estimated number of violent crimes committed in the country republican and a moderate has declined for the third straight yearee according to number rees leased by the fbi republican versus christine o'donnell backed by the tea today. property crimes also droppedor party suppress. the seventh straight year and theyat are demanding that the state party chairman in delaware the largest employment of new
11:48 am
step down. hampshire guardsmennd they say he isl attacking a women o'donnell an pd the tea party since the second world war are headed for "operation new dawn." express. the chairman says, hey, thanks a the brigade expected to arrive lot, but you guys are an outside in kuwait by november, provide logistics and beef up security group. for personnel coming in and out butt out of our applications. of iraq. >> lots of support from new >> love the energy, paul. hampshire. from the family, and everybody. appreciate it. your nt political update in an it's wonderful. >> i thinkso it's awesome to ha hour. for the last political news, you know where to go, a part of my family in the military. politics and wall street, updating you on the plane they just steam to go together. don't they? crash in venezuela. our senior political editor will reuters is reporng at least 23 tell us who business is people have survived the crash betting on in the upcoming midterm elections. and are being treated for at purina one, we want your dog to be as healthy ahepossible. injuries. the plane had 47 passengers plus crew members on board. it happened in southern venezuela. the flight was bound for margaritisland, a popular tourist destination. 23 survivors being treated for various injuries. let's get you to a break.
11:49 am
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♪ you won't regret it at all! ♪ check the legal y'all. >>offer applies with enrollment in triple advantage.® okay. time for your cnn equals politics update. cnn senior political editor mark preston is on the best political team on television. he jn liverom d.c. good to see you. what's crossing right now? >> tony, looks like wall stree is hedging its bets on november. sending millions of dollars to republican candidates according to the nate for responsible politics. our own writer that the story post and take a look at this really interesting stuff. focus here in washington, d.c. what house democrat, doing, tony, to try to win in november. look at this story. your colleague, alison hard hag let's get you to up. gone to cyber space trying to convince voters, tony that they your source for financial news. have the goods, that they have look at the lead the ideas to stay in the s story here. wall street bets on the gop. majority as we all know house this election, more financial firms and business groups favor democrats up against the fence
11:52 am
right now, tony, as they are donating two republican campaigns over democratic ones. trying to win re-election, and okay. then let's just talk about my that's the lead story. tip sheet for the week. a bunch of other items under what a week in olitics, tony. latest news for to you check out. what a crazy week in politics. our money team doing a trick job as usual today and every day. we have seven states holding primaries tomorrow including the let's get you to the big board. district of columbia. new york stock exchange, the dow eight total. competitive races in new in positive territory. hampshire, in delaware. i think slightly off session here. i d.c., theayor is up highs, still in good shape. up a 61 points. against the wall and, of course, charlie rangel,ni embattled nasdaq, 34 points follong these numbers throughout the represent niv harlem a tough contest. a lot of questions for mr. day. confidence appears to be back on wall street, at least for the rangel up there. day. we'll check in five minutes. >> for sure. global officials say there is a >> focusing on down, the rnc plan to prevent another financial crisis. on the floor of the exchange, kicks off a 48-state bus tour on this is a bit ironic. wednesday, tony. remind us here what happened on on thursday, it looks like we're gearing up for 2012, because on the street? what? friday the value voters summit two years ago this week? >> reporter: exactly. safe to say, tony, wall street happens. socialo nservatives come to will never forget that week. town. they'll hear from the likes of it's when lehman brothers mitt romney, mike pence, rick collapsed when bank of america bought merrill lynch when aigut santorum. somebody we won't hear from,
11:53 am
sarah palin. on friday night, in iowa got its first bailout and the headlining a major fund-raiser treasury department pumped hundreds of billions of dollars for the iowa republican party. into the economy. the new rules proposed agreed to talking 2010, also talking 2012, so far are looking to prevent a tony. >> terrific stuff. good to seeyou. repeat performance. i'm talking about what happened thank you. your next political update over the weekend in bil, coming in one hour. for the latest political news go to witsland. you may remember kanye li swidlands. new banking rules. west's rant at last year's mtv banks forced to have a bigger rainy day fund. video music awards show when more cash on han djust in case taylor swift was in the spotlit, right? ntheconomy take as turn for the back last night for this year worse. now, these rules have been the awards, and we'll tell you agreed to, but each member of these governments have to still what happened. plus bring you what's hot from the web. approve the rules. host: could switching to geico really tony? well, tighterules banking. iv might at have a negative impact op the economy. >> reporter: it could. banks need a loan. more cash on the side because of these requirements, less money tooan out, and this could mean higher interest rates. more fees. this could affect mortgages, commercial loans and credit cards, but the flip side of this is that consumermay not feel
11:54 am
the impact for years because the banks don't have the to be compliant until the year 2019. also, smaller banks may feel more impacted than bigger banks like bank of america or jp morgan chase. they've been expecting this, putting more cash into reserv and also boosted their profits. let's hope by the time the banking rules really get going that the economy will have fully recovered. tony? >> nice. very good. tellal n athe knuckleheads not walk in front of you -- >> business here, tony. save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance? >> got it. > some of the stories we' working on, hundreds gathering was abe lincoln honest? right now to speak out against a mary: does this dress make my backside look big? controversial technique to tap the earth for natural gas. hear from residents who say abe: perhaps... fracking is poisoning their save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance?really water supply. and from making a marriage a business work host: is having a snowball fight with what ist like doing a start-up pitching great randy johnson a bad idea? with your partner? man: yeah, i'm thinking maybe this was a bad idea. next in the "cnn newsroom."
11:55 am
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oh, so when's the big day? oh, we got married years ago. but the point is, i fit in it. well, good for you. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. let's see here. here with what's hot online. you're online, we, too. what's trending, what's hots? >> check out the outfits first. >> from the viode music -- everyone sings dances. all right. good, good. >> som lady gaga going on, and feevger bieber. >>nd -- >> can we go a day without her in the program? okay. is that it? >> snooki. >>. other ones here. usher. >> all right. >> and --
11:57 am
>> classy. usher looks good. >> katie pery, a lot of passgers as well. >> what do i know. >> next, kanye west, remember last year -- >> yeah. the award that went to taylor swift should have gone to nc>> beyonce? >> was very drunk saying that. then, a slew of apologies. so this year -- >> both there? >> they both were there. he's saying she also saying -- >> he doesn't sing. he raps. okay. >> okay. >> and -- >> good .point. and she's saying sang a ballad. and we want to play some of that for you. >> hmm. >> and it's -- says -- >>♪ just wait and see your string ever lights is ill bright to me ♪ >> she says you'll have new septembers every one of us hav messed up, too. >> wait. she sang a song to ye, for kanye? referencing kanye?
11:58 am
>> yes. a song reference be kanye. >> and i forgive you? that's old. that's a jeer ago. >> i know. both of them have really been -- he's been tweeting about it. >> he has? >> going on a year. much talked about at this vma award. >> this next one is from a game in morocco. a tournament. want to show yoo. the video. it's unbelievable. the play off the penalty kicks, and -- you'll see that the -- >> he gets the stop. >> gets the stop but then it -- >> oh, no, no. top sp on it, keeps rolling through. >> just rolls through. >> so the goalie is thinking, we've won. >> yes. >> gets up, he's like, okay. i did that. >> and then -- yeah. and it actually -- and so they got, the guy thorat -- >> time for the gaga and meat? >> this is unbelievable. this outfit is, lady gaga with an outfit that looks like it's meat. a lot of people have been commenting online about it. ellen degeneres actually
11:59 am
interviews her. >> looks like a slab of meat on her forehead. >> i don't want that to move. got to go. update a quick story. told you about the evacuation at the capitol. the all-clear has been given. update the story in a couple of minutes. you're in the "cnn newsroom." copd doesn't just make it hard to breathe... it makes it hard to do a lot of things. and i'm a guy who likes to go exploring ... get my hands dirty... and trnew ings. so i asked my doctor if spiriva could help me breathe better. spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled maintenance treatment for both forms of copd... which includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva keeps my airways open... e be to help me breathe better for a full 24 hours. and it's not a steroid. spiriva does not replace
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so at the top of the hour we told you about the evacuation orred for the house chamber, capitol hill, third floor
12:02 pm
gallery ordered evacuated. just given word the all-clear sounded. emergency over. the all-clear sounded. a simple blood test may be a strong indicator of a man's rick for developing prostate cancer according ta a new study from the american cancer society. g whether men should get that blood test is still up for debate. senior medicalorrespondent elizabeth cohen explains why. >> tony usually when we talk about cancer we say, i want every test i can get. i want to know if rime going to get cancer. prostate cancer, however is a bit different, and here's why. it's very likely that when you get screen for prostate cancer the doctor will find something very small, very slow growing that will never kill you, but nce you find it, you yo doctor might feel comple treat 2 it. in that case the treatment can cause impotence, incontinence and other problems'sthe new study out of europe a large y,, asked the question, is it okay to screen once when a man is around 55 years old? and if okay, stop doing w
12:03 pm
screenings? here's what they found. f you screen 25,000 men at around age 55 and they have a nice, low psa, if you rescreen them all later in life, you will save one life, and on the other hand, cause many, many moreen
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